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LTFF, Inc. membership is an inexpensive but important investment for the hobbyist whether inexperienced or expert. LTFF, Inc. offers the hobbyist a valuable resource for information, competition and fellowship. Prominent speakers, programs, and trips along with mini-auctions of donated fish and supplies are features of monthly meetings. A large annual auction is held in the spring and fall.  LTFF, Inc. publishes “THE SCAVENGER” their quarterly newsletter. Several local shops also provide discounts to active members.
Choose any from any of the membership levels and you can pay at a local meeting or mail in payment to the following address.

Meetings are held monthly at KYANA Region AACA on the 2nd Sunday at 6:30 – 9:30pm.  Join us and be a part of the community.

Checks Payable To

LTFF c/o Rusty Wessel
6815 Carolyn Road
Louisville, KY 40214 for Chat

Don’t like Facebook?  There is another place you can chat with your friends.  Try out

Band for Group Sales

Facebook caters to the advertisers, so no fish sales allowed there.  Band is the place that we can sell or trade fish and aquarium related items.  Come join us.


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Thanks to the club sponsors for making what we do better.